Food, water and energy infrastructure for local communities.

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When it comes to the energy supply and clean drinking water, Nepal’s rural infrastructure is dysfunctional. The communities living in the Terai region suffer health problems due to arsenic and bacteria in their water supply, and their energy supply is unreliable and intermittent. In addition, about 80 per cent of the population in the region makes their living from farming. Even though the soil is rich and has a great deal of potential, this region has also been affected by climate change, which makes it hard to build a sustainable lifestyle based on smallholder farming. NEXUS Centers started by providing for the population’s basic needs and offering opportunities to create local jobs. Having gained traction and expertise, we are now providing opportunities to create more sustainable farming opportunities and further increase economic independence.

Current status

There are ten NEXUS Centers in operation in Nepal’s Chitwan district, which provide clean drinking water and other amenities to up to 40,000 people. Besides local hubs, we also have five NEXUS Centers in schools, which supply water and also help to raise awareness of sanitation and hygiene from a young age. All in all, we have created 27 direct jobs in the Chitwan district.


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NEXUS Farming Company (NEFACO)

The NEXUS Farmers Company is a national company that complements a previously missing part in the value chain by offering technical solutions (such as storage and transportation infrastructure), know-how and training, and by coordinating market access in order to connect farmers and local cooperatives with dealers and processors. The concept is based on a franchise-type system: entrepreneurs from local villages are selected and trained to operate NEXUS Centers. Besides creating jobs, NEXUS hubs act as distribution channels through which local farmers can sell their products, which improves their access to the market, enhances the quality of their products and services, and increases their income opportunities. Our triple bottom line approach generates a social surplus for the entire community and provides an example for the sustainable use of the available natural resources. The entire concept is aimed at making each NEXUS Center financially self-sufficient and ensuring fair conditions for all stakeholders involved. Find out how to become an investor and learn how you can become part of this sustainable value creation project.

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