Positive impact for all

We provide custom-made concepts that involve all partners – local communities, public partners and private partners – so that we can have the greatest possible impact. Their involvement ensures that the projects are sustainable, have a lasting impact and create value for all partners.

NEXUS Centers Nepal

The NEXUS Centers in Nepal have had a genuine lasting impact. In our initial set-up, 40,000 people benefited from basic services and 23 jobs were created. Our next step of adding smallholder farming will ensure we have an even greater local impact.


NEXUS Center Madgascar

Creating value in the chain, by providing cooling for the local fishermen, has made all the difference. However, we go one step further. How can we raise awareness of the need to ensure local resources are managed sustainably?

Upcoming Projects

The adaptability of our NEXUS concept is our strength. Have a look at what we have in the pipeline and please contact us if you have ideas that we can incorporate in our NEFACO or NEMACO to create more impact together.

Sustainable development goals

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of how we try to make a difference in our NEXUS Projects. Our holistic approach, with a focus on the triple bottom line of social, environmental and economic aspects allow us to really make an impact.  As simple as it sounds local buy in is crucial to the success of our NEXUS Projects and in turn achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.