NEXUS Center Netherlands has gained valuable experience in the field of counselling with the implementation of sustainable projects in developing countries, such as Nepal and Madagascar. The collaboration between NGOs and the various sectors is a success factor for the projects.

An all round offer

First-hand experience
Because we develop and implement our own NEXUS projects, we experience the realities of working in BoP markets on a day-to-day basis. Our consulting expertise is backed by our long-standing international experience of managing projects in developing countries.

Interdisciplinary team
The expertise within our core team is complementary, and ranges from finance, accounting business modeling and marketing to international affairs and technology.

International network
We have a broad network of public and private partners.

Technology expertise
We are familiar with the latest technologies in the areas of clean energy, water treatment and agricultural and fishery processing.

Consulting services for public and private sectors wishing to make a sustainable impact

Transformational strategies

We help NGOs take their projects to the next level. We develop strategies to transform successful donor-based projects into long-term, self-sustaining projects. We aim for financial sustainability without neglecting the social and ecological impact. This transformation process often results in a scalable project, which appeals to impact investors and business partners alike.

Inclusive economy & fair value chains

We work with organizations to build an economy in which all communities participate and benefit, across the value chain. We optimize supply chains so that they deliver business value, are inclusive and transparent, and have a positive impact on society and the environment. Our model of co-ownership brings investors and local producers together. Moreover, NGOs and corporations benefit from a clean, integrated, audited value chain.

Social Business Model Design

We help teams and organizations to develop sustainable business models for BoP markets with the aim of achieving the SDGs for 2030. We think outside the box, bring the perspectives of NGOs and public and private sector actors together, and facilitate the creation of innovative solutions. Services range from intelligence and research (such as market analysis and studies) to business modeling, financial engineering and developing business plans.

Project Management

NGOs can rely on our project management skills. We offer flexible services in project structuring, planning, implementation, stakeholder management and control. We can take over activities at headquarters or locally on the ground. We offer training, coaching and the supervision of local teams.

Technology Sourcing

Organizations benefit from our experience and network when sourcing and deploying technology in developing countries. We analyze needs and conditions, evaluate suitable technologies, and support the installation process. We offer know-how in the area of water, energy and processing facilities for fisheries and agriculture.

Impact measurement

As an independent organization, we assess projects and measure their impact. In each project we ensure proper reporting and set standards. We believe that impact measurement also means considering information relating to risks and returns so that we can learn, make adjustments, and improve the allocation of resources.

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