NEXUS Center NL creates partnerships in the Netherlands that can benefit our social projects. The aim is to make a sustainable, social and ecological impact on developing countries such as Nepal and Madagascar.

Water Tech Trading

Water Tech Trading is a Rotterdam-based company with extensive expertise in providing isolated communities, such as ships and offshore communities, with sustainable solutions for water and waste management. The knowledge gained in this field provided a natural basis for providing off-grid solutions in developing countries. Water Tech Trading became a strategic partner of WECONNEX in 2012, and has a focus on fundraising and taking the concept to the next level. In 2018 we set up NEXUS Center Netherlands to support our partnerships and alliances with Dutch parties.


WECONNEX develops and manages infrastructure projects in developing countries. The NEXUS concept offers poorer parts of the population an opportunity to develop their businesses and access basic services, such as clean drinking water, energy, communications and sanitation, at fair prices. Combining this approach with the development of local industries on which people depend, such as farming and fishing, are key to the success of NEXUS. WECONNEX has already adopted this concept in Nepal successfully.

31 10

31 10 develops effective strategies and user-oriented webbased solutions to connect brands with customers. Working together with our clients, developing digital applications with character. Doing so pixel by pixel.

NEXUS Center and 31 10 have a long-established professional relationship, since 2012. Growing and innovating together to inspire.

31 10 supports the concept of NEXUS Center wherever they can. Because we, too, believe that everyone has the right to clean drinking water and energy resources needed to provide for the basic necessities of life. The NEXUS Center projects make this possible in the most remote parts of the world.

3110 wishes to invest by offering our expertise and services to NEXUS Center. In this way 3110 contributes modestly to an improved and sustainable world for everyone!

team members of the creative full service agency 3110

NEXUS Center The Netherlands has been in the making for sometime but has now officially claimed its place in the NEXUS Team.

Since 2012, Water Tech Trading mission was to create concepts that used sustainable technology from the shipping and oil and gas industry. This industry is in fact an isolated community, which has to regulate its own water purification and waste disposal in order to keep the oceans clean. In addition the Netherlands has a history of providing water know how across its borders for commercial reasons but also as aid to developing countries. A perfect setting for us to create impact!

Our partnership was a logical step when we saw what technology Trunz AG was using, a mobile water maker, driven by sun energy and making use of various different technologies from RO to ultrafiltration. Trunz AG projects led by Lars Willi had an impressive track record of providing fresh drinking water in 800 different countries varying from Rotary projects in Africa to government led projects.

In our journey we came across two main necessities, scaling was key to the success of the project and a solid feasibly proven business plan needed to be backed by pilots, proof of the concept. With this in mind, NEXUS Center slowly grew form water stores to all round sustainable food, water and energy centers.

In 2015, Lars Willi set up Weconnex AG, whom is currently our Swiss partner. Weconnex AG, has proven to be a partner that is savvy in understanding the needs of the local communities and helping them set up sustainable food, water and energy concepts in the form of NEXUS farming and fishing to really create local impact.

During our collaboration, Water Tech Trading BV has helped in fine tuning the NEXUS Concepts, fund raising and connecting potential partners that help with the development and implementation of NEXUS. The Netherlands has a lot of potential when it comes to finding funding, interesting partners and also institutional knowledge in the form of agriculture or food processing. Our manner of working together is extremely transparent and allows you to see the impact of your funds or ideas immediately. There can be nothing more fulfilling than to see that crop choice, rotation and increased yield can already have so much impact on the lives of farmers. Our approach is holistic and what sets us apart is that we look at the whole process from food to fork. So how can farming, processing and distribution increase value in the total chain?

Creating NEXUS Center The Netherlands was a very logical step in clarifying our collaboration together. We look forward to working on many more projects together.



Over the years we have partnered with many different partners in Switzerland and the Netherlands, for which we are grateful.

In the Netherlands our most successful partnership is Aqua For All. Their belief in us allowed us to invest in the first NEXUS Centers in Chitwan, boosting us to more investments by fourfold.

In addition to obtaining financial backing, we work with educational institutions to create value by sharing know-how, technology and innovations. In the Netherlands we have worked closely with the Erasmus University in building a case study for their economic department, and in Switzerland we work with the University of St Gallen in various areas.

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