When women help each other

Managing a NEXUS Center is challenging and versatile: for example, the tasks include the maintenance of the facilities, bookkeeping or the sale of water. It also requires an understanding of the customers and, above all, ideas on how to expand the business. Muna in Gochhada is talented and manages her center successfully. In the last few weeks, she visited her colleagues at the other centers to share experiences.

It is early in the morning when the first customer buys a water jar at the NEXUS Center in Gochhada. Muna welcomes Juna Tamang warmly. The two women know each other from the last training workshop. For three days, Muna now looks over Juna Tamang’s shoulders and coaches her in managing the center.

Muna shows Juna Tamang how the maintenance of the water treatment machine works and which hygiene regulations have to be observed. Commercial tasks such as accounting and reporting are also part of the training programme. Together, they discuss their experiences in dealing with customers and Muna gives tips on how Juna Tamang could expand her activities: “In Gochhada, we are now also supplying other products than water with our E-rickshaw – the customers appreciate this very much”. These ideas help the centers to move forward and show that the managers are increasingly taking over enterpreneurial responsibility.

Learning by doing

“With such training days we ensure the transfer of knowledge”, explains Anthony Musco, project manager for Nepal. “It is important that women can also communicate with each other. It is the only way to bring up topics they wouldn’t address with superiors.”

“Learning by doing is the motto – for experienced and new employees. Even for experienced managers, it means refreshing and deepening their knowledge and, above all, learning to train other employees. “We all have a reference book that contains everything. But in everyday life, there are so many different challenges. It helps a lot to discuss this with others”, says Muna.

Increase motivation and quality

“We regularly observe that the motivation of all leaders increases after these training days”, says Anthony Musco. These experiences are important steps on the way to one’s own existence and to a meaningful and responsible job. For the NEXUS Centers, we thus ensure a high quality of products and services.


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