Welcome to the team: Yullie & Filippo

Yullie and Filippo are currently supporting the NEXUS team in Nepal. While Yullie is mainly dedicated to the further development of the concept, Filippo is developing an improved monitoring system. After one month and one week respectively in Nepal, they answer four questions.

Filippo, how did you experience your first week?
Filippo: The first week went great. I was warmly welcomed by everyone. In the evening there was even a small “party”. Of course, countless new impressions came to me – from the standard of living, food and hygiene standards to the weather and nature.
Yullie: I focused on getting into the role by understanding the local routine, the working and talking ways and finding the right paths to pursue results. It was also a time of observation and understanding the cultural aspects and through that building the bridges to reach out to people and integrate.

What has been your highlight so far?
Filippo: The party on my first night with the entire NEXUS team in Nepal.
Yullie: The people – they are kind and generous, extremely sharing.

Which cultural similarities and differences have you noticed?
Filippo: The calmness – there seems to be no stress here. I still have to find the things in common….
Yullie: There are differences in the punctuality of course, but also regarding the politeness, hygiene and cleanness, the appreciation to nature and animals or the awareness of polluting practices.

What do you want to achieve in your time in Nepal?
Filippo: I want to understand the mentality, values and views of Nepali. And, of course, experience nature.
Yullie: I would like to shape the business concept and initiate the first partnerships for our new ideas in Nepal. My ability to grasp quickly the big picture and to produce and connect ideas together as well as to trustfully approach and interact with people at all levels.

We wish them both success and fun during their work for NEXUS Center!

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