WECONNEX is now a member of Bertrand Piccard’s World Alliance

We are proud to announce that WECONNEX is now a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. Established by the Solar Impulse Foundation of Bertrand Piccard, the Alliance brings together startups, corporations, investors and associations involved in creating solutions that protect the environment in a profitable way.

The 470 members are committed to offering and supporting products, services, processes and technologies aiming to move us toward a clean, sustainable economy. Eventually, 1000 promising ‘Efficient Solutions’ will be chosen among all innovators. Each solution will be assessed by the members of the Alliance and independent technical and financial experts. These #1000solutions will be presented to governments, businesses and institutions at COP24, the 24th session of the UN Climate Change Conference.

WECONNEX benefits from being a member due to the facilitated matchmaking between solution providers and investors. Additionally, it enhances the promotion of our solution across the media as well as to political and corporate decision makers. Furthermore, we receive insights to the approaches and solutions of all other members.

Lars Willi, Founder and CEO of WECONNEX, is excited about the membership: “Being a member of the Alliance for Efficient Solutions opens up great opportunities for us. While broadly boosting our reputation and enriched with the chance of being chosen as one of the #1000solutions, we are now also part of this thriving community headed by Bertrand Piccard – an inspiring personality and valuable partner.”

More information about our membership and the World Alliance can be found here.

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions in 90 seconds

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