«Not the wind, but the sail determines the direction»

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“Not the wind, but the sail determines the direction”. What a beautiful Chinese proverb! It serves as a metaphor for many current topics and challenges of our time. It also tells us that each individual is given the opportunity to contribute. We don’t have to swim with the current! We don’t have to accept everything that comes our way.

Many of us have made ourselves comfortable in a larger or smaller boat. In which direction the boat sails does not play a big role for the individual. But for our future it makes a difference what course we set today.

One may still argue about global warming or disagree on certain effects. Undeniable fact is, however, that the population is growing. More people need more resources and produce more waste. Sooner or later there will be no way around dealing more efficiently with natural and social resources and reintroducing our waste materials into the cycle. If we do not do this, a healthy and dignified life will no longer be possible in the future.

This perspective allows only one option: to set sail in the direction of genuine sustainability. All other investments, actions or course directions simply no longer make sense.

Nobody knows exactly how much time we have left. That’s why all that matters now is action. We have to take risks, test and implement options for action. This is exactly what WECONNEX is committed to. We have set our course and are happy if we can make the journey together with you. Yes, the course leads partly into new waters. But there are not only dangers lurking, but above all opportunities.

In this spirit we wish you happy holidays and a dynamic start into a good, more sustainable year 2020!

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