NEXUS Center: Cooperation with the UN platform “Business Call to Action”

With the NEXUS concept, WECONNEX is a new member of the UN alliance “Business Call to Action” (BCtA). The network includes 200 renowned companies worldwide that are committed to achieving sustainability goals in developing countries through sustainable business models.

BCtA supports leading companies that develop and implement profitable, scalable and integrative business models for people at the base of the economic pyramid. BCtA aims to accelerate the achievement of global sustainability goals.

“Concepts such as NEXUS embody integrative business models in an exemplary manner. They enable social, ecological and economic development. At the same time, NEXUS strengthens and empowers the local population to become entrepreneurial and to take responsibility for the sustainable development of their region”, says Paula Pelaez, Programme Manager at BCtA, explaining the membership of WECONNEX in the alliance.

NEXUS concept convinces BCtA
BCtA believes in the holistic business model of the NEXUS Center. Lars Willi, CEO of WECONNEX, is pleased to be part of the network: “Like BCtA, we believe that the private sector must make a greater contribution than before to achieve the United Nations’ goals. This membership is a great motivation for us to continue on our chosen path.”

In Nepal, WECONNEX is planning to expand from today’s 15 NEXUS Centers to around 100 in the next five years. More than 200,000 people will thus have access to basic products and services at fair prices. Around 50 fishing villages in southwestern Madagascar will benefit from a NEXUS Center until 2022.

For more information on the cooperation with BCtA, please click here.

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