NEXUS Center and Solaqua Foundation become partners

A new cooperation for clean drinking water at schools in Bharatpur, Nepal

The NEXUS Centers in Nepal are very pleased to announce their collaboration with Solaqua. The Swiss foundation supports projects in Nepal to ensure that underprivileged people have access to safe drinking water. In addition to the transfer of know-how and low-cost products, behavioral changes are usually necessary. As these are often easier to achieve with children than with adults, schools are an important place to be active. Last year, the foundation financed efficient drinking water systems for 5 schools in Bharatpur as part of a pilot project. These installations purify enough groundwater to feed drinking water fountains and handwashing stations for more than 6’500 schoolchildren.
For Solaqua it is a major concern that their projects aim at long-term improvements. In order to finance the maintenance sustainably, excess water is to be sold to the surrounding companies and middle-income families.

The NEXUS Team has built up specific competencies in running watershops in recent years. Among other things, it has gained important experience in establishing a water brand like NEXUS Water in this region. NEXUS is now contributing this expertise to its partnership with Solaqua. Like the existing NEXUS Centers, also the new Watershops at the Schools shall be operated in an entrepreneurial manner and become self sustainable. All 5 schools have been analysed by the NEXUS Team. The concept foresees launching two commercial NEXUS Watershops at two schools – for the the students, the water is of course free of charge at all schools.

The construction work will take about four months. During this time we will take the opportunity to keep you posted of all our major developments via @nexuscenter1

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