NEMACO up and running in Madagascar

In 2017 we started with the conceptual work how to transform the water shops of the WWF in the south of Tulear into a self-sustaining model. Soon the plan was ready, we founded the NEXUS Madagascar Company (NEMACO) and took over the stations step by step. Today, the stations have been expanded into NEXUS Centers, with ice machines, cooling boxes, storage facilities and space for processing fishery products. A local team of over 30 employees manages the company.

The northern three of the six NEXUS Centers have been in operation since July. The fishermen sell us their catch at the NEXUS Center. We have trained women from the respective villages to work as operators. They weigh and wash the products, pay the fishermen, take out the fish and store them on ice. Not all fishermen are cooperating with us yet. But NEMACO brings a lot of joy to the village. Fishermen have a place where they can sell their products fresh seven days a week and get paid directly. But the main reason for the enthusiasm is another: the cleanliness and professionalism of our infrastructure. An ice machine, a faucet and a real scale – that fascinates.

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About the Author : Katina Gikas

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