Madagascar: NEXUS project about to take off

WECONNEX is now developing a second NEXUS Project in Madagascar. WWF Switzerland, WWF Madagascar and the Solarspar Foundation have been cooperating with WECONNEX on a water supply project in the South-West of the country for several years.

As many people in this region still have no or inadequate infrastructure, we were thinking about a sustainable concept for the region. The result of the process is an idea which is not new but at least in this region very innovative.

The next step is to make this idea more concrete, to test it with pilot plants and finally to come up with an agreement including all the necessary partners. WWF Switzerland, WWF Madagascar and the Solarspar Foundation are taking this step together with WECONNEX. This project is special to us, as it will embrace many learnings from Nepal and from other projects and will generate a big impact on social, ecological but also economical levels.

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