Humans of NEXUS: Meet Michel Stadelmann, Moviemaker and Photographer

Michel Stadelmann is the man behind the lens: In August 2017 he accompanied Anthony on his trip to Nepal and shot impressive photos and breathtaking video scenes for us. He is the movie maker behind all the video statements as well as our resource for several of our published photos. We are thankful for his work and happy to share his story and plans for the future with you.

Hi, Michel! Tell us about yourself, what is your background and how did you get into photography?

I am originally from Lucerne, Switzerland, and my interest in filmmaking and photography started when I was a teenager. The fact that my father works for a local TV and radio station contributed to my early interest. In 2014, I decided to attend a film school in Zurich. This was the start of my movie career.

How did the opportunity come up for you to travel to Nepal?

My father made a short movie for the SRF TV-show ECO about WECONNEX, that is how I got to know the social enterprise. The opportunity for me to join a trip to Nepal came up a few months after the movie was made. Because my father was busy with other projects, he suggested I should go instead of him and take care of the pictures and videos.

How was your time in Nepal? What where your highlights and where there any tough moments?

I was thrilled to travel to Nepal and spend time in a country so very different from my homeland. I learned a lot and sometimes my patience was tested, for example, when having to wait several hours for a flight ticket or for food in restaurants. But in the end, these experiences really helped me to see things differently, especially when I returned to Switzerland. Much seems to be slowed down in Nepal, in contrast to our hectic lives back home.

How did you experience the people in Nepal? What where their reactions when they saw you take pictures?

The local people were very open to our visitation, but at times also slightly reserved. I think this also had to do with my equipment. We were often in rural areas and I had my drone with me, so there were many big and fascinated eyes on me.

What was your impression of the NEXUS Projects and Centers?

I think it is a brilliant project. It requires a lot of work to lead it to success, but I am convinced those efforts will bear fruit in the future. I especially like that it is sustainable and am really thankful for this opportunity to be involved in the project.

What do you do now and what are your plans for the next years?

I am currently working for a startup in the film department. In the future, I would like to engage myself in the marketing and communications field. It would be great if I could continue to work on such projects as the one with WECONNEX in the future, because I see it as a great enrichment for me to get to know inspiring people and their intentions to create impact.

Some impressions of Michel’s work: 

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