Humans of NEXUS Center: Krishna, Owner of Sweet Home Hotel in Sauraha (Chitwan, Nepal)

Krishna has started his own hotel three years ago after working 28 years in the tourism industry in Nepal. During his career, he was a guide at the Chitwan National Park, worked in several positions in Hotels and Guesthouses until he finally became Hotel Manager.

Tourism was not always the career goal of Krishna. He actually has a degree from the Tribuvan University Kathmandu in Biology. Operating his own hotel was a dream for Krishna which he was able to fulfil eventually. Even though Nepal faced a few natural and man-made crises in the past years, business in the tourism sector has improved.

Krishna supports our NEXUS Concept because he beliefs in local products for local markets. Not only during a disaster but also in normal times, local supply is more sustainable and eventually also more profitable compared to imported options. He is especially motivated to buy the NEXUS Mineral Water because he can support a social project without paying a higher price.

We wish Krishna and his team all the best for the future and hope for many more events, dinners and discussions at the Sweet Home Hotel in Sauraha!

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