Fishers, Cooling Systems and Water Stations: A Project Update on Madagascar

The NEXUS Madagascar Cooperative, in short NEMACO, embodies a multi-faceted project approach. The core of NEMACO remains the NEXUS Centers but the concept has been enlarged to include a range of services and aspects aiming towards reaching the aspired triple-bottom-line impact and a lasting development of the rural communities.

After two weeks in Madagascar, Adrian Rutishauser, Project Manager at WECONNEX, brought home a bunch of news to share about the progress of the NEMACO project. The first important update is the local supporter found in Vola Ramahery. She has been appointed as our local Project Manager and is assisting us with great efforts. You will be able to read more about Vola in our upcoming Humans of NEXUS publication.

Visiting the project sites and the local villages in the Region Atsimo Andrefana was especially important for Vola, as she was able to introduce herself to the committees and villagers. A field-team of the WWF accompanied Adrian and Vola and assisted them in explaining the idea behind NEMACO on-site to increase the awareness, understanding and support of the local population. The expansion of the Centers’ functions and NEMACO approach was welcomed by the villagers.

Expansion and optimization – NEMACO in detail

The next big step to push the project forward is the implementation of NEMACO, which will happen in the form of founding a national cooperative. NEMACO is owned by the project investors, the fishermen and WECONNEX, and carries out the task to manage and oversee the Centers. The aim is to connect local cooperatives and organizations with dealers, processors and a larger market, by providing previously inexistent or poorly established services.

The NEXUS Centers provide the necessary infrastructure and orchestrate the logistics. Examples are ice machines, cooling systems and transportation facilities. NEMACO further ensures the training and environmental awareness of the fishermen and coordinates the market access.

Putting ideas into practice

In the spirit of the modular, scalable and adaptable aspect of the NEXUS Centers, ideas and potential for further development beyond the fisheries market have been brought forth as well as opportunities to broaden our product and services range and expand inland away from the coast.

The three water stations already in operation are doing well and the local committees manage many of their tasks successfully. Two new Centers in Befasy and Ambola are ready to begin operations in March. The fact that progress is moving along constantly makes us content and motivated to continue. And puts a smile on the faces of the local children.

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