"Dare to lead"

At WECONNEX we started the year with the notion that it is not the wind but the setting of the sails that determines the direction in which we steer our ship. Someone who will hopefully set his sails correctly in the coming months is Patrick Angehrn. The Appenzeller from Teufen is venturing out on the “Clipper round the World Race” with a small team.

He is currently sailing the passage from Manila via Yokohama to Seattle, thereby not only crossing the North Pacific for 6 weeks but most likely also exploring some personal limits. Well, what does this sailing regatta and Patrick’s private adventure have to do with us? At first sight maybe not so much, but at second glance Patrick embodies exactly those values that are also central to WECONNEX:

Dare to lead
This is not only the name of the boat of Patrick’s team, this also our credo. We dare to play a pioneering role in the sustainable, entrepreneurial development of BoP markets and take responsibility for our actions and the success (or failure) of our projects.

There is probably not a more sustainable way to travel around the earth than with a sailing ship. Apart from wind energy, a sustainable use of resources such as food and drink is generally required, but also a good allocation of time and energy.

The participation in such a regatta comes with a cost. Patrick often had to leave his comfort zone in advance to prepare himself physically, mentally but also economically for the challenge. Dealing with scarce resources is one of the basic tasks of every entrepreneur.

A sailing boat with a small crew alone on the Pacific Ocean – on the one hand this situation makes the boat completely independent, but on the other hand the crew members must be able to rely on each other at all times. This is also a situation that the WECONNEX team, as pioneers in our field of activity, has already experienced.

The quality of a good sailor is shown by how he can deal with unexpected situations. Fair-weather captains have no business at the Clipper World Race or at WECONNEX.

Hands-on! This at any time of the day or night when there is need. Those who prefer to sail in calm waters should rent a boat on Lake Constance or, in our case, apply at an established company 😉

Furthermore Patrick thinks beyond his own needs and uses the private adventure to support a water project of the Red Cross in Malawi with a fundraising campaign.
We will accompany Patrick during his trip and so can you! On you can follow his journey and learn about the demanding sport of sailing.

Fair winds and following seas Patrick! We are sure you will set your sails right!

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