Another shift in Nepal: When culture sets the pace

A month ago, we announced Bhakta Karki as Guneshwar Mahato’s successor in Nepal. Bhakta was appointed as our project manager for the new NEXUS Farmers Company (NEFACO) and took over the job with great enthusiasm. As of now, Susant Tiwari, our former commercial manager, has taken over Bhakta’s position. Sometimes, life brings unexpected turns and different cultures deal with life situations in disparate ways.

We were very satisfied with having Bhakta Karki on board for our team and his background and experience fit well with our needs and expectations. Thus, we were looking forward to starting this collaboration, as was Bhakta.

One month after taking up the position, Bhakta’s father tragically got very sick and in need of care. He expressed the wish to carry out the Hindu ritual of Puja. As his son, Bhakta is obligated to support and accompany his sick father on this purifying journey. He thus faced the decision between his new job and his obligation towards his sick father.

The ritual of Puja

Puja, or the power of prayer, is well known over centuries and common in many different religious beliefs. In Hinduism, Puja is a common method of worship and practiced in many different forms and for various purposes. For the sick, Puja removes obstacles to mental and physical health. For the dying, Puja helps to pacify the mind and decrease fear during the time of death.

Bhakta’s father wants to visit different temples in India and Nepal and requested his son to come with him. How long this journey will take, no one can say.

When tradition and culture clash with reason

Bhakta’s decision to leave his new job and take care of his father is based on cultural considerations and obligations. It is not for us to judge nor question this decision and we fully respect the course of events. In our society, many would act differently when stuck in such a position. A lot can be learned from such cultural clashes and the insights into differing mindsets refines our ethnical understanding of the people we work closely with.

Susant Tiwari has fully taken over the tasks of project manager for NEFACO. He has proven to be a valuable team member already in the past and we are glad to count on his continued support. You can find more information on him and his background here.

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