There are many different possibilities to help NEXUS Center Netherlands to make an impact where necessary. This can be done through financial investments and/or donations. With this you invest in the achievement of social and ecological goals.

Financial structure – broad based

The financing of NEXUS projects is based on a blended approach and the premise of generating fair profits. The NEXUS Centers are established and supported through grants, loans or equity.

The technical solutions are relatively expensive, and the local population cannot afford them most of the time. Our operational business model offers possibilities for generating this capital, the activities as well as the maintenance of the NEXUS Centers.

When you support a NEXUS project, you invest in social and ecological goals while making a profit. Although there is always a risk that the financial objectives will not be fully met or that projects will not go as planned, you can be certain that you will have made a positive impact.

Financial investments


Do you want to become involved in a NEXUS project? Why not become a shareholder? We plan to offer the possibility of equity investment for interested parties, starting with small amounts. If the projects develop as planned, you will benefit from performance-based financial returns. We can also discuss an exit strategy, where your shares will be bought back by the organization after a certain amount of time. We can in any event guarantee that your investment will make a positive social and ecological impact. Contact us for more information.

Loan/ (Impact) Bond

If you traditionally invest in loans or bonds, you can invest in us along similar lines. The average terms we offer for loan or impact bond investments are of a 5-7 year duration with a one-year grace period. Profitability is usually estimated at 5% interest per year. Revenue-based financing (RBF) could also be an interesting option to finance our social projects while offering fair returns on your investment. Contact us for more information.


Are you looking for a more short-term involvement? Why not support the project with a donation? We follow the blended finance approach for our projects. Any donation received will help us to raise loans and/or equity. This will enable philanthropic investors (donors) to leverage their impact while helping impact investors to reduce their risk. You can be certain that your donation is much more than a one-off contribution – it will make a long-term impact because your money will be put to use in an enterprising, transparent way.

Financial fairness

We strive for a fair profit for all parties. For each NEXUS project, a new national company is established. The owner of the company are the founding investors, the local cooperatives and WECONNEX. The investments go to the national company, which then sets up and coordinates the infrastructure and operations on site.

In the long term, a national foundation receives the surplus funds. This provides investors with an exit strategy as well as opportunities for new investments.

Each contribution will have a lasting impact on three levels. First of all, the local communities will benefit and have the opportunity to further develop the project themselves. In addition, the introduction and use of modern technologies and sustainable practices, both in fishing and farming, will improve and protect the local environment. Finally, the support will provide greater financial stability and income generation for local producers, which will have a positive impact on the local community. Overall, a contribution will achieve a wide range of sustainable and long-term impacts on a large scale.

Financial transparency

Setting up organizations in foreign countries and cultures requires constant monitoring and good process management. In addition to monitoring the financial performance, the local NEXUS team ensures that the social and environmental impact is monitored transparently. The goal is to achieve a fundamental and sustainable improvement in the living conditions of people in local communities. This is done through the existing NEXUS Centers and lays the foundation for further economic development. This triple-bottom monitoring approach is designed to give investors and donors full insight into the impact of their contributions. Monitoring and control are a crucial part of any NEXUS project.